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TwinJet Even Flat

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Welcome to, where you will find just about any nozzle you need for all of your spraying applications. From flat spray nozzles to full stream nozzles, our Teejet Nozzles are useful for many different sprayers, including broadcast sprayers, fertilizer sprayers, de-icing sprayers, and spray guns.

For over 75 years now, TeeJet has been manufacturing some of the world's most popular and efficient spray nozzles that are widely used by many agricultural and landscaping companies all over the world. That is why we are proud to be offering many TeeJet nozzles to choose from, such as VisiFlo, TwinJet, StreamJet, FloodJet, and much more

Choose the best TeeJet nozzle that suits your spraying application by browsing the categories to the left.

TeeJet Nozzles have created a color coded system to help you find the type of pressure and spray you need. TeeJet nozzles are specified by an identifying number to determine the type of size. The last two digits of the identifier indicate the rate of flow in 10ths of US gallons per minute at 40 psi. To indicate the spray angle it can be found by looking at the first two to three digits on the number identifier. The most common spray widths are 80 and 100 degrees and all TeeJet Nozzles are calibrated to 40 psi.

TeeJet nozzle showing angle and flow rate markings.
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